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 Monica Spencer, Mike Sandusky, and Dante Justice from 
Sugar Plum Panto (2022) 
by Carla Milarch and R. MacKenzie Lewis.

(No images of the educational initiatives can be shared online for student safety and privacy.)

Playmakers Theatre Camp


Theatre NOVA’s commitment to education shines through programs like the Playmakers Summer Theatre Camp and Build-a-Play, providing theatrical education to 200+ children annually. In collaboration with AAPS Recreation and Education, students write, rehearse, design, and perform plays through these educational outlets. In the process, they learn about movement, improvisation, reading, listening, teamwork, and voice and diction; along with a healthy dose of design, crafting, and theatre games. Students gain self-confidence and teamwork skills in high-energy, fun environments taught by Michigan theatre professionals. Our children’s programs regularly receive high marks through surveys conducted by our collaborator, Ann Arbor Rec and Ed. These camps and classes fill up fast, with numerous students returning year after year. Instructors consistently receive praise from our young participants and their parents: “Thank you so kindly for sharing your time and talent with [our child] and the crew in Build a Play! She had such a wonderful new experience and felt so supported by you. Your vision, creativity, and flexibility were an absolute marvel to us as parents throughout the whole process! Thank you also for the excellent communication. [She] is so proud and delighted by the final film you created! She can’t wait to share it. It was wonderful to see how it all came together!” 

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