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Perhaps now more than ever, our community needs spaces where people can gather face-to-face, engage in thoughtful dialogue, share messages of hope and connection, and see great art. Thanks to your support, Theatre Nova provides such a space. 

What’s more, we have been able to keep this space, and these experiences, accessible to ALL members of our community through our unique "pay-what-you-can” ticketing program.

Recently a patron said to us "It's amazing what you are able to produce for just $100,000 a year." We agree, although we hope to grow into a full-fledged professional company, with a paid staff, in a permanent home downtown. But this dream won't happen overnight. It will take patience and the commitment of numerous donors and members over many years. If we can do this much with $100,000, imagine what we can do with $125,000, which is our budget goal for 2017. Reaching it will enable us to continue paying all of our artists, while gradually increasing staff compensation, and keeping our financial foundation stable as we grow. 

As a nonprofit, ticket sales cover just a portion of our budget. Donations from individuals keep the stage lights burning, providing a space for artists and audiences. We take your investment seriously, balancing tight budgets and finding ways to maximize your contributions.

We hope you will consider making a gift. Your support enables Theatre NOVA's continued commitment to pay-what-you-can prices, showcasing and developing new plays, and providing a space of creativity and enrichment for the entire community.

Please make a donation today.


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