A new way of funding.


Running a non-profit theatre isn’t easy.  We simplify the business side of things by fully funding our projects in advance, in order to focus on making great plays.


With no debt to service and no high overhead, your donation dollars go directly on the stage. The more we raise, the cooler art we do for you and the more we put into local artists pockets. We call that a win-win-win.


This year we’re fundraising for everything: from black paint, to a bathroom renovation, to the artists salaries, to the rights for the plays.  A grand total of $80,000.


You’ve heard of a barn-raising? This is a theatre-raising. Join us. It’s going to be awesome.


Current project - basic needs and children's theatre launch

                                       Liability Insurance, one year: $500

                                           Additional website design: $300

                                   Office supplies and printer ink: $300

                                      Children's Theatre postcards: $500

                                      Children's Theatre Instructor: $200

                                                                             total: $1,800

                            (status: $500 raised toward $1,800 goal)


Recent project - legal and basic infrastructure                                            

                                                                      Legal fees: $620

                                                         Filing fee with IRS: $400

                                                             Website design: $200

                                                                             total: $1,220

                                                                (status: completed)

Total Raised to date!: $1,720