PLAY OF THE MONTH series, Tentative Schedule

All presented LIVE on Zoom

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021 at 8pm 

WHATCHA DOIN? by Jacquelyn Priskorn

In Whatcha Doin?, a film student interviews a former child star turned voice over actor for a documentary project. Thrilled to witness Marnie's work-from-home recording studio in action, Raven is surprised to learn about the difficulties Marnie had while portraying the goofy, unattractive kid on a TV series, but even more so, Raven is curious about why Marnie is now unable to leave her home.

Directed by Theatre NOVA Producing Artistic Director, Diane Hill. Featuring Kate Stark and Megan Wesner.


Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021 at 8pm

4 GENRES by Ron Reikki

Four characters reveal what they've learned after being trapped within four respective film/theatre genres (Musical theatre, documentary, slapstick, and horror.) A hilarious comedy exploring the role of art in life and society. 

Directed by Theatre NOVA Founding Artistic Director, Carla Milarch. Cast: TBA.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 8pm

MORTAL FOOLS by Catherine Zudak

Captain Michaels, an intelligence officer stationed in Afghanistan, has to determine whether or not an Army Major committed treason for the love of a beautiful war correspondent, Lailah. The case appears open and shut, but Michaels has his doubts. He calls on a civilian contractor, his ex-wife, to help him uncover the truth. But, can his ex convince him the reporter is blameless as well? Or will Michaels have to terminate Lailah's life?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 8pm

THE WITCH by Morgan Breon

In the fast-paced environs of their underperforming school, and in a community plagued by gun violence and racism, students call high school counselor, Ms. Morgan, “The Witch.” Why? Because they find hope in her room. But when this hope begins to crack open their hearts and minds, Ms. Morgan’s room might just be the most dangerous classroom in the entire school. Directed by Theatre NOVA Producing Artistic Director, Diane Hill. Featuring Morgan Breon.

This performance will be followed up with a talk-back about the play and the desensitization to violence our youth experience in and out of school. Interested attendees who would like to ask questions will be converted to panelists to ask questions and join the discussion.



Jacquelyn Priskorn has been writing plays since she took her first class with playwright Kitty Dubin in 1997. She has had several plays and screenplays produced since that first class, including the award-winning short film, The Guest Room (shown at the Strasbourg Film Festival in France), as well as a screenplay, Love & Plutonium, which is currently available on DVD. Her play Love Shackles was published in Quick & Painless: Saturday Night Lites 2004-2005 Season distributed by Original Works. Glass Slipper, Size 8 ½The RotThe Reckless Romantic and Off Center (Best Play at the Oakland University Actor Showcase) are currently available through Brooklyn Publishing. Good Morning, Miriam received the Jury's Choice Award at the Detroit Fringe Forward Festival, along with Best New Play from New Plays from the Heartland, and The Chameleon Theatre Circle's 17th annual one act play contest.​

Catherine Zudak is a writer, producer and storyteller in Ann Arbor. Her short plays have appeared in festivals throughout SE Michigan including, The Play’s the Thing (A2CT), The Detroit Fringe, Living on the Edge (Actors’) and The Playwright’s Festival (OCC). Theatre Nova read Lion’s Share for the Michigan Playwrights Festival in 2019. In the past few years, Ms. Zudak has written and performed stories for Heaven Spot, HERSay, MOMS, Snapshots, and Story Night. She has produced independent shows including Broken and The Know Gun Show.

Ron Riekki’s books include My Ancestors are Reindeer Herders and I Am Melting in Extinction (Apprentice House Press), Posttraumatic (Hoot ‘n’ Waddle), and U.P. (Ghost Road Press).  Riekki co-edited Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice (Michigan State University Press) and The Many Lives of The Evil Dead (McFarland), and edited The Many Lives of It (McFarland), And Here: 100 Years of Upper Peninsula Writing, 1917-2017 (MSU Press), Here: Women Writing on Michigan's Upper Peninsula (MSU Press, Independent Publisher Book Award), and The Way North: Collected Upper Peninsula New Works (Wayne State University Press, Michigan Notable Book).  Riekki wrote the short films Thank You for Your Teeth! (2020 Dracula Film Festival Vladutz Trophy) and America (2019 Red Rock Film Festival Audience Award; 2019 Très Court International Film Festival Audience Award and Grand Prix).  Theatre NOVA previously performed his plays Sáme and Atheist Comedy.

Morgan Breon is a performing and literary artist. An alumnus of Mosaic Youth Theater in Detroit, she’s an ensemble member of Shakespeare in Detroit and the Detroit Repertory Theater. Morgan’s play A Kiss of the Sun for Pardon received the award for “Audience Favorite” at the 2015 Two Muses Theatre Women’s Playwriting Festival and Waking Up Alive won Jury’s Choice at the 2015 Detroit Fringe Festival. Morgan received dual Bachelor of Arts and dual Masters from the University of Michigan, none of which are in theatre. Her degrees reflect her passion for youth, social justice, as well as individual and community healing. These principles influence Morgan’s work as an artist, and guide her use of the arts to impact community. 

This activity is supported by the
Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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