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Theatre NOVA is dedicated to raising awareness of the value and excitement of new plays and new playwrights in a diverse and expanding audience; and providing resources and outlets for playwrights to develop their craft, by importing, exporting, and developing new plays and playwrights.


We scour the country for the hottest new work -  bringing you the most exciting, interesting, cutting-edge plays.

Plays that are adventurous, journeys of imagination, shocking at times, and always thought-provoking. Plays that respect your intellect, imagination, and curiosity, and offer something new, unexpected, innovative, and stimulating.



We track playwrights from their earliest development, and bring you work by the newest up-and-comers you need to know about.


 Phil Powers (Wilde Award-Best Performance–Original Production 2017) and Artun Kircali from the world premiere of Clutter by Brian Cox (Wilde Award-Best New Script 2017)


 Brian Buckner (Wilde Award nomination-Best Music Direction) and K Edmonds (Wilde Award nomination-Best Performance, Lead Actress–Musical) from the Michigan premiere of The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith by Angelo Parra. 


• We believe that the most vital theatre experience for a modern audience is engaging with contemporaneous stories, by a range of playwrights that reflects the diversity of our community.

• We select plays that offer the viewer something new. Whether it's a new approach to language, a new perspective on a social issue, a genre that is new to our audiences, a new playwright's unique voice, or the innovative treatment of an age-old theme, our plays explore the value and excitement of looking at the world in a fresh new way.

• We place our trust in the playwright as visionary, encouraging them to create art that is necessary in our world today, whether hard-hitting social drama, or wild and woolly, frivolous fun.

• We believe that the most critical calling of the American theatre today is to support and develop new plays and playwrights.

• We believe that theatre experiences should not be a luxury for the privileged few, but a building block of a civilized society, accessible to all.

• We believe artists are capable of governance and invite them onto our board.

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