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Reviews for 'I and You'

"You have one more week to scoop up your teen-and-older family members and see the Michigan premiere of “I and You” at Theatre Nova in Ann Arbor. Make the effort. Lauren Gunderson’s play (a Michigan premiere), directed with great care by David Wolber, has a simple story arc that inexplicably opens up to a star-filled sky." - Patty Nolan,

Teens are moving, believable in Theatre Nova's 'I and You'

...a moving examination of two thoughtful and believable high school students who are dealing with real-life challenges. Director David Wolber works well in the intimate space, and his actors speak in real voices, not stage voices... And what's not to like about Matthew Webb's Anthony? He's nice, polite and easy to look at as he walks the girl through the epic work from the 19th-Century philosopher and poet (usually a hard sell with teenagers). Well-chosen lines from the text show how Whitman approached still-relevant topics including mortality, nature and bringing the concerns of modern teenagers and an old poet into deeper focus, it ultimately proves well worth an investment of the viewer's time." - John Monaghan, 



"Gunderson appears to have deliberately written a claustrophobic play. Director David Wolber honors the playwright's intent, which benefits the overall impact and texture of the play. It's a very intimate venue with audience sitting three quarter around the stage in steeply raked tiers. Those of us who sat in the very back found that the blocking becomes very three-dimensional and brings additional interest and meaning without any extra business. 'I and You' is just a little different from what one expects in modern drama, but fits Theatre Nova’s mission well. So far, so good, guys; keep ’em coming." -John Quinn,


"Gunderson's script has some sharp, witty moments, and it undoubtedly makes you want to track down the copy of "Leaves of Grass" that's been silently biding time on your bookshelf since college. ...Terpstra and Webb carry the 90 minute, intermission-less show capably, with director David Wolber as their guiding hand. Terpstra, in some ways, has the bigger challenge, making this prickly young woman, with all her walls up, gradually emerge from her emotional fortress, so that not only Anthony, but also the audience, can eventually connect with her. Webb is at his best when responding candidly to Caroline's barbs, and sharing Anthony's passion for Whitman's poems. Gunderson makes Anthony a bit too perfect and polished, but Webb thankfully imbues Anthony with some palpable vulnerability." - Jenn McKee,​

I and You
by Lauren Gunderson

Caroline - Katie Terpstra
Anthony - Matthew Webb


Director - David Wolber

Stage Manager - Brittney Gillespie
Assistant Stage Manager - Kaiya Wynn
Set, Light, Props design - Daniel C. Walker
Sound design - Carla Milarch

photos by Brad Orr

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