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Reviews for 'An Almost British Christmas'

Encore Michigan
“British Christmas” is a holiday hoot at Theatre Nova

"And it’s fun. Based on the 1964 TV version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” Theatre Nova’s re-telling involves three actors playing many parts and it’s worth the price of admission just to catch Wayne David Parker’s portrayal of Mrs. Santa Claus with a southern accent (she’s from the South Pole).​ All three actors seem to be having a fine time, which disguises the amount of work they’re doing, and their visible enjoyment is contagious. The show is eminently suitable for children about 5 and older, while for adults there are jokes and double-entendres that will sail right over the kiddies’ heads. If your child asks you what’s so funny about Santa Claus coming only once a year, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Enjoyable for all ages are R. MacKenzie Lewis’ original songs, the best of which is the catchy “Christmas Polka.” Santa, you see, is North Polish."




Theatre Nova's 'An Almost British Christmas' offers goofy fun for families

"Theatre Nova's new, original production, a panto titled "An Almost British Christmas," is stuffed to the max -- much like the bursting bosom of Mrs. Claus, as played by Wayne David Parker -- with music, slapstick comedy, audience participation, groan-inducing puns, pop culture and political references, silliness and holiday cheer.

It's silly, strange, sweet and fun; and, if you've got a kid aged 5 or older, you'll likely hear her/him laugh a lot -- which is pretty much all a parent ever wants or needs for Christmas."



It's All Theatre
British Humour Tackles Rudolph

"The show is campy, physical, and for the adults, peppered with some double entendres which, incidentally, might provide an explanation for why the straight-laced Rudolph’s nose turns red. Parker contributes his usual brand of take-no-prisoners comedy, engaging in a quantity of pratfalls that would make a lesser man refuse to get up. And what’s British comedy without a man in drag? Parker is up to the task, decked out in a vibrant red gown and a headpiece that would be the envy of Carmen Miranda."



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