Reviews for 'Chesapeake'

Encore Michigan

"Chesapeake, in a Presidential election year, keeps from spiraling into something as predictable as a CNN or Fox News debate, by veering off to a better place of eye-opening and heartwarming transcendence, with a dash of nostalgia for political comity, that can give us all a bit of hope that one day the two dominant political parties might foster a new dynamic in which people with differing positions might actually start talking about solutions rather than their differences. Of course, it will probably be raining frogs for that to happen. Blessing is no fool when his play suggests that the one thing, when all else fails, that can bring people of opposites together on the same idea is a common love of a dog." - David Kiley, Encore Michigan



A2 Arts Addict

"...It’s Gerstner’s personality, instead of anything related to his gender, that adds crucial dimension to the play’s handful of colorful characters.'He’s so charming,” said Walker. “Part of the play is like an extreme performance artist doing stand-up, and that could come off as really acerbic, but Sebastian isn’t. He’s lovable. There’s just this sweetness about him. … At a certain point, lots of people can act, but it’s tough to be lovably charming if you aren’t. He’s just this sweet guy, and that comes through, and it’s an important part of making us care about (Kerr).'” - Jen McKee





"Sometimes you’re torn between keeping up with the several characters and navigating through Blessing’s complex storyline (which Gerstner astutely, but unfortunately, delivers at breakneck speed) and just sitting back and enjoying Gerstner’s performance. “Chesapeake” makes a perfect bookend to “Buyer & Cellar”, his other brilliant one-man show at Theatre Nova of a year ago. In the end, it’s Gerstner’s performance that saves the day for this too-good-to-pass-up play.." - Dan Skora




"What happens is both tragic and funny and wonderfully impossible. Gerstner is brilliant in how he portrays all of the characters – Pooley, the ingenue Kelly, the bitchy wife, and even the ferocious and loyal dog, Lucky. In fact, he is most convincing and hilarious when channeling the dog’s elation at simple pleasures – the bombardment of earthy odors, the pleasures of a good ear scratch, and the irresistible instinct to retrieve. There are elements of death and rebirth, damnation and salvation, and ultimately a sort of redemption born of compassion." - Patty Nolan



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