Reviews for 'Bright Half Life'

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"As we watch these two characters in love and in high-pitched battle, and the many stops in-between, you inevitably feel invested in their relationship, so that the heartbreak, when it comes, is quietly devastating. That's largely due to Canady and Kolascz, and the beautiful thing they manage to create on stage together... for a 70 minute show, Barfield nonetheless manages to squeeze in a lot, and gets a good amount of emotional bang for the buck.

So if you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path, unique show, look no further than "Bright Half Life" in the The Yellow Barn. It's kind of like seeing two other people's lives flash before your eyes."





"The audience is privileged to see a poignant, well-delivered, beautifully acted chronicle of Erica (Alysia Kolascz) and Vicky (Breon Canady) from the time they met through dating, break-ups, sky-diving, ferris-wheel rides, proposals, temporary break-up, child birth, marriage, child rearing, career debacles and pending tragedy–all in approximately 70 minutes.

Kolascz and Canady handle the material beautifully, so utterly embodying these two women that it hardly looks like acting at all; their performances validated in the lobby after the show by several sets of red eyes. But don’t get the idea that the play is a downer. It’s just touching."





"“Bright Half Life” is exceptional theatre, a thinking person's play with heart, tenderness, and relevance to the way human relationships have changed in today’s world. Great things are happening at Theatre Nova. This is the fifth production of their inaugural season and every show has been a winner... What they do are intelligent, entertaining, and thought-provoking shows. The atmosphere of the theatre itself is rustic and authentic, the seating intimate and comfortable. If you have not yet made it to a show at The Yellow Barn, by all means, find an open date on your calendar and pencil one in."



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