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Feb. 3-26, 2023
(Single tickets: $22)

Theatre NOVA's current COVID-19 policy requires guests to be vaccinated and masked while in the building. All attendees should bring their vaccination cards (or digital or paper copy) and photo IDs. 


Theatre NOVA is dedicated to raising awareness of the value and excitement of new plays and new playwrights in a diverse and expanding audience; and providing resources and outlets for playwrights to develop their craft, by importing, exporting, and developing new plays and playwrights.


Carla Milarch is a thinker. Every time she is asked a question she takes a second to ponder, she makes sure she gets the whole question, and outwardly seems to be reflecting on everything she does. Milarch is the founding artistic director of Theatre Nova, a non-profit in Ann Arbor that champions new playwrights and plays.

“There are a lot of phenomenal playwrights but to be in a room where it’s happening for the first time or one of the very first times, there is a unique thrill that comes with that,” Milarch said. “We always hope that people will walk out with an appreciation of new plays and the talent of playwrights.”

“We as a society need art, we need the sense of community, we need the forum for new ideas and dialogue, we need that experience of sitting in a room with people that are not like us having a common experience,” she said. “We need the presence and the mindfulness that you get when you are interacting with a work of art. It is an old sentiment but we need art probably more now than ever.”

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